Wearable Art

Jude Radwanski creates wearable art from polymer clay, silver, bronze and brass. A bold, graphic quality distinguishes her unique earrings, bracelets and necklaces - which she sculpts, smiths, colours and texturizes at her studio. Her inspiration is found in ancient artifacts, natural elements and global travel.

She designs 3-dimensional statement pieces, playing with volume. Some are hollow and all amazingly light, making them very comfortable to wear.

Her jewellery is an alternate expression to gold and diamonds. Polymer clay suits Jude’s ethics around low waste methods and reduced obsolescence.  “I celebrate and value that this material has come from the earth. That’s why I use recycled clay, and I’m very careful that I don’t waste material. I also use recycled silver. I want to honour where these elements came from and their preciousness.”

After a career in interior design, Jude studied jewellery making. She is a member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council. Her studio is in the historic Hammond Building in downtown Moose Jaw.


University of Manitoba, Interior Design

George Brown College, Toronto, Jewellery Making