Wearable Art


Sparking your Expression

This is wearable art for active, busy, vibrant women. It’s for souls like you who live joyously, have a unique sense of style and aren’t shy to express yourself.

Firefly Art Jewellery is for life-long learners, super moms, career women, creatives, spiritual seekers, community builders, art lovers, yoga enthusiasts, foodies, gardeners, lovers of life, adventurers, mentors, nature seekers, conscious consumers, and determined dreamers.

Wearing original art is an opportunity for you to shine your light, it says:

“I proudly hold this place”  “I celebrate my own unique being”.


Celebrating Your Beauty

It has to be comfortable and fit your body. Each piece is made to lay easily on your neck, wrist or ears – so it looks fabulous on you and feels wonderful!

Great consideration is given to its weight. These are statement pieces, so they must be light and comfortable for you to wear. 

The jewellery is made of polymer clay and silver, though it may be accented with leather, rubber, silicon, brass, bronze or various cords.

It’s designed to enhance your life; making it more fun and expressive.


Exploring Your Joy

Being original is inspiring. It encourages you to live boldly and influence others.

Jude is always excited to explore – an idea, a place, or a piece of clay. She is passionate about the creative process and encourages you to be too.

Adorn your beautiful body with these symbols of inspiration and joy.


About the Artist

After a degree and career in interior design, Jude was smitten with jewellery-making in Mexico.  She returned to Canada to study at George Brown College in Toronto. She is self-taught in polymer clay and is endlessly inspired by the exciting colours, textures and immediacy that are possible in this medium.

She blurs the lines between modern art and nature, her pieces range from soft organic forms and colours to blunt geometric shapes and bright hues. She is captivated with hollow shapes, tubes and cones and takes advantage of their forms to make lightweight jewellery. Her greatest passion is travel and expresses her love for antiquities and exotic lands in her pieces.

 “When making jewellery I aim to create an authentic statement that touches someone’s life. Every design is an exploration of form and volume. I feel more akin to a sculptor, and I let the clay guide me, listening for new directions as I work.             Polymer clay is extremely durable and suits my commitment to reduced obsolescence. I respect the earth's resources and am committed to a conscientious practice."

She is a juried member of the Saskatchewan and British Columbia Craft Councils.